Sapori Della Valdichiana, Family and Tradition

The story of our firm

The Sapori Della Valdichiana firm started with the dream of Aldo Iacomoni, a butcher and livestock farmer who, with his wife, opened a butcher’s shop in 1960 in the central square of the pretty hill town of Monte San Savino in the countryside of Arezzo with the objective of selling meats from the animals he raised with love and care.

The success in terms of flavor and quality of these meats obtained renown in all of Tuscany. The need to increase production gave rise to his company ‘Sapori Della Valdichiana’ which today exports the genuine flavors of Tuscany abroad.

True aficionados cannot help but appreciate the art perfected by Aldo in the choice, cutting, seasoning and cooking of the best cuts of meat, the flavor of which wins over hundreds of customers every day.

The Sapori Della Valdichiana firm has made a name for itself over the years thanks to their ability to offer products derived from the meat of D.O.P. (Protected Denomination of Origin) Siena belted pigs, to its flavorful organic products and to products of the select beef of I.G.P.(Protected Geographic Indication) Chianino cattle.

Since 2016, Aldo has enriched his production with the processing of Tuscan free range swine, a select meat which has obtained production chain certification.

The quality and wholesomeness of his products quickly attracted a numerous, loyal customers. To satisfy the requests of these customers, after a few years, Aldo opened his ‘Le Delizie di Aldo’ “Le delizie di Aldo” restaurant, a few meters away from the butcher’s shop.

Still today, the fame associated with his operations has thrown open the doors of his butcher’s shop in Piazza Gamurrini in Monte San Savino to illustrious personages from the international cultural, sports and journalistic worlds. | tel: +39 0575 810148 | fax: +39 0575 816929 | Partita iva n°01627020512

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