The Production of Organic products

“Sapori Della Valdichiana” – a company certified for the production of organic products by the ICEA

That which we eat becomes part of us, and it is for this reason that our company has, for years, been dedicated to the production of a line of ICEA certified organic products.

The methods for the working of materials and production are carried out without the use of additives, preservatives or artificial coloring.

Cultivation and Pasturing

The procedure essential for an accurate organic production

The chain of production for organic products starts with the agriculture. Our animals are pastured and fed on lands free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers where the entire process of farming is carried out with complete respect for a natural cultivation and for the environment.

From these meats, we create our organic products: uscan Salami, Finocchiona, Prosciutto, Pork belly and Loin, Cheeks and Headcheese, Porchetta and Shoulder, absolutely without preservatives.

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