Certification of quality and Environment

In our production centers, frequent inspections are carried out weekly regarding raw materials and along the entire production line.

The firm in Monte San Savino is covered by a system of certified quality control, according to the norms established by the ISO 22005 Production Line Certification.

Today, the choice to follow healthy eating habits is important for whomever suffers from food intolerances and it is for this reason that ‘Sapori Della Valdichiana’ produces ‘Il Chianino’ bresaola , cooked and cured capocollo, ‘Del Monte’ porchetta ‘ and ‘Il Chianino’ salami, all completely glutine free and therefore suitable for persons with celiac disease.

"Sapori della Valdichiana" Artisanal excellence in the production of genuine Tuscan meats

Our certifications:

  • Membership in the ‘Finocchiona’ Consortium for the production of IGP Finocchiona
  • Membership in the Siena Belted Pig Consortium for the production of cured meats made from the prestigious and rare DOP Siena Belted swine
  • Membership in the Consortium for the White Cattle of the Central Apennines for the production of bresaola and cured meats made from Chianina cattle and the sale of fresh meats
  • Certification of the chain of production ISO 22005 for Tuscan free range pork products
  • IFS 2018 certification (International Featured Standards)

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